Best Hybrid Bicycle

Best Hybrid BicycleLooking for a reliable off-roader but can’t decide which is the best hybrid bicycle to buy ?

Confused by all the options and trying to figure out what is actually worth while and what is just something that will cost more money but provide no value ?

No matter which hybrid bicycles for sale you are researching, the fact is, you want a reliable bike which can handle trail biking as well as road biking – the fact is, there are loads of bikes available but only a few that are actually worth investing in.

Here is a list of features that I absolutely LOVE and I recommend you consider when purchasing your bike, no matter which is considered the best hybrid bicycle online – the following points are what you should consider before purchasing.

1. Not always an obvious point but hybrid bikes are a nice in-between solution for anyone wanting leisurely type rides, commuting and road riding plus the additional benefit of the bike being strong enough to go off road for some light trail biking – if you mainly cycle in towns or even venture onto old converted railway tracks, hybrid bicycles, also known as trail bikes are your best option.

2. If you are considering a trail bike for both road and trail use but might be taking to the more bumpy trails available, you might want to consider a hybrid bike with suspension – suspension will allow for a more comfortable ride on the rough however, you may find you suffer a little ‘drag’ when road cycling.

3. A set of the best hybrid bicycle mud guards you can buy – these will help keep you and your trekking bicycle clean and dry … having a lightweight front and rear fender fitted can cut-down on the amount of cleaning required when you return home, not just your bike but you too.

4. Consider maintenance and don’t forget a few tools and accessories which could help you out in the event of a puncture to a tyre, a loose wheel nut, the hybrid bikes chain coming off … and need I remind you, don’t leave home without a good, well-fitting helmet and other protective gear – don’t skimp on your skull cap – buy the best hybrid bicycle helmet you can afford.

5. And don’t forget your water bottle – you don’t want to end up dehydrated on your commute, trail or bike route do you.

So, getting to the point, of all the hybrid bicycles for sale, which is the “Best Hybrid Bicycle” I hear you ask ?

The Schwinn Midmoor Men’s Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels) ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve been so taken up with my purchase from the actual delivery of the bike to using it virtually daily, I believe the cycle offers FANTASTIC value for money – getting a comfortable ride out of a reasonably priced bicycle.

In my opinion, this is the best hybrid bicycle in its class and boasts the following features:

  • Aluminium Hybrid Frame
  • SR Suntour Suspension Fork (Cushions Your Ride)
  • EasyFire 21-Speed Shifters & Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • 700c Wheels
  • Swept Back Handlebar
  • Padded Comfort Saddle

Safety is an important factor and should always be kept in mind, stopping safely is high up there on the list of requirements and the Schwinn Midmoor features front and rear Promax alloy linear pull brakes.

Hand on heart, I couldn’t have bought a better hybrid bicycle – it’s rugged, good looking and well built and I believe it’s the best hybrid bicycle currently available for the money.

OK, so these hybrid bicycles for sale are not perfect … whilst the seat is described as a comfort saddle, I really do prefer a replacement gel saddle but having said that, my other half was perfectly happy with the level of cushioning it offered – just me I suppose.

This a fantastic hybrid bicycle which I enjoy riding and I will continue to do so for many years to come.

I strongly recommend you CLICK HERE to check out this GREAT bike. If you want a reliable and comfortable ride both on road and off … this is for YOU !

Best Hybrid Bicycle Review

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